• 1970's Caned Flower Power Vessel-2023FA21970's Caned Flower Power Vessel-2023FA2
  • Bronze Sculpture, Woman with Lotus-2023FA3Bronze Sculpture, Woman with Lotus-2023FA3
  • Caned Basket with Brass Rim-2023FA1Caned Basket with Brass Rim-2023FA1
  • Caned Basket-2023FA24Caned Basket-2023FA24
  • Caned Round Basket with Brass Lid-2023FA23Caned Round Basket with Brass Lid-2023FA23
  • Caned Stool or Foot Rest-2023FA21Caned Stool or Foot Rest-2023FA21
  • Carved Adjustable Book Rack with Elephant Sides-2023FA22Carved Adjustable Book Rack with Elephant Sides-2023FA22
  • Electrical Insulator Converted to Handle-2023FA20Electrical Insulator Converted to Handle-2023FA20
  • Harlequin Glass-Bordered Mirror-2023FA18Harlequin Glass-Bordered Mirror-2023FA18
  • Inlay Teak Box-2023FA19Inlay Teak Box-2023FA19
  • Large Cobalt-Glazed Pot-2023FA17Large Cobalt-Glazed Pot-2023FA17
  • Large Iron Chain Welded into Stand-2023FA16Large Iron Chain Welded into Stand-2023FA16
  • Oval Caned Tray with Handles-2023FA14Oval Caned Tray with Handles-2023FA14
  • Painted Wooden Half-Hull Rack-2023FA15Painted Wooden Half-Hull Rack-2023FA15
  • Rectangular Caned Tray-2023FA13Rectangular Caned Tray-2023FA13
  • Rosewood Carved Elephant Head Coat or Hat Rack-2023FA11Rosewood Carved Elephant Head Coat or Hat Rack-2023FA11
  • Round Caned Tray with Handles-2023FA12Round Caned Tray with Handles-2023FA12
  • Rounded Corner Caned Basket with Brass-2023FA10Rounded Corner Caned Basket with Brass-2023FA10
  • Satinwood Box with Brass Handles-2023FA8Satinwood Box with Brass Handles-2023FA8
  • Teak Mirror Bordered with Brass Chain-2023FA4Teak Mirror Bordered with Brass Chain-2023FA4
  • Teak and Brass Ship's Railing-2023FA9Teak and Brass Ship's Railing-2023FA9
  • Teak and Rope Bucket-2023FA7Teak and Rope Bucket-2023FA7
  • Teak and Rosewood Inlay Planters or Waste Baskets-2023FA6Teak and Rosewood Inlay Planters or Waste Baskets-2023FA6
  • Tibetan Drum with Carved Buddhst Symbols-2023FA5Tibetan Drum with Carved Buddhst Symbols-2023FA5

  • Art Deco Clock with Original Paint-FA-2022-1Art Deco Clock with Original Paint-FA-2022-1
  • Brass Mirror with Shelf from Ship's Stateroom-FA0720-6Brass Mirror with Shelf from Ship's Stateroom-FA0720-6
  • Brass Ship's Coat Rack 70's - FA2017-13Brass Ship's Coat Rack 70's - FA2017-13
  • Ceramic Umbrella or Cane Stand-FA-2022-6Ceramic Umbrella or Cane Stand-FA-2022-6
  • Chinese Porcelain Platters, Early 1900's - FA003Chinese Porcelain Platters, Early 1900's - FA003
  • Chrome and Brass Porthole Mirror-FA-2022-7Chrome and Brass Porthole Mirror-FA-2022-7
  • Copper and Brass Set of Colonial British Seers--measures-FA0720-8Copper and Brass Set of Colonial British Seers--measures-FA0720-8
  • Cured Leather Umbrella or Cane Stands-FA-2022-8Cured Leather Umbrella or Cane Stands-FA-2022-8
  • Curtis Jere Sailboat Wall Sculpture - FA005Curtis Jere Sailboat Wall Sculpture - FA005
  • Embossed Copper Planter-FA-2022-9Embossed Copper Planter-FA-2022-9
  • Gimbal Ship's Flower Vase In Brass-FDA2018-5Gimbal Ship's Flower Vase In Brass-FDA2018-5
  • Granite Buddha Head, Bihar-FA-2022-10Granite Buddha Head, Bihar-FA-2022-10
  • Granite Buddha Head, Himachal Pradesh-FA-2022-11Granite Buddha Head, Himachal Pradesh-FA-2022-11
  • Hand Carved and Painted Elephant-FA-2022-12Hand Carved and Painted Elephant-FA-2022-12
  • Marble Ganesh with Paint-FA-2022-14Marble Ganesh with Paint-FA-2022-14
  • Mid-Century Tall Leather Containers-FA2017-8Mid-Century Tall Leather Containers-FA2017-8
  • Nepalese Buddha Head in Granite-FA-2022-15Nepalese Buddha Head in Granite-FA-2022-15
  • Oval Brass Porthole Converted to Mirror-FA-2022-16Oval Brass Porthole Converted to Mirror-FA-2022-16
  • Painted Wooden Brackets with Added Shelf-FA-2022-17Painted Wooden Brackets with Added Shelf-FA-2022-17
  • Sandstone Buddha Head, Uttar Pradesh-FA-2022-19Sandstone Buddha Head, Uttar Pradesh-FA-2022-19
  • Set of Brass Seers-FDA2018-10Set of Brass Seers-FDA2018-10
  • Set of Three Painted Buckets-FA-2022-20Set of Three Painted Buckets-FA-2022-20
  • Stone Buddha Head with Traces of Original Paint, North India-FA-2022-21Stone Buddha Head with Traces of Original Paint, North India-FA-2022-21
  • Stone Sculpture-FA-2022-22Stone Sculpture-FA-2022-22

  • Deco ShelfDeco Shelf
  • Early 1900's Satinwood Desk FileEarly 1900's Satinwood Desk File
  • Glass and Nickel RodsGlass and Nickel Rods
  • Glass and brass handlesGlass and brass handles
  • Handblown bottle with ship ropeworkHandblown bottle with ship ropework
  • Teak and Painted Mirror-FA2017-11Teak and Painted Mirror-FA2017-11
  • decorative (1)decorative (1)

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